Christian Music selection: page 1

To get this started, are few tracks are included that I listen to again and again, some are just happy, some are clappy, some are reflective and thanks to YouTube there is something for almost every taste.
Gospel music (Southern, folk, Afro American, etc), traditional hymns and instrumentals all reflecting on the goodness of God, as expressed through a variety of musical styles including soloists, quartets, groups, choirs and public worship. Hopefully you will find something that you like.

I lost it all to find everything: Jesse Dixon GMTV

Wait for the Lord (Taize): Analyn Solano

It's not an easy road: A few Good Men

Wonderful Grace of Jesus: Gospel Music Hymn Sing

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow: Congregational Singing

Just a I without one plea, O Lamb of God I come: Gospel Music Hymn Sing The best news you will ever hear !

Soon, oh very soon, we are going to see the king: Birmingham Community Choir, BBC Gospel winner 2015

Goodbye world goodbye: GMTV soloists as a choir and having a 'Gospel' blast

If you have a favourite on YouTube, why not think about why you like the song or hymn, get the YouTube link and send it to us for consideration.

As this is a new idea, I will put a dedicated email address here in a few days so that it is clear to find contributions (work in progress)