Pastoral Letter: w/e 19/06/2021

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Methodist Church or Hope & Radipole United Reformed Churches,

Well as I write I gather that the long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’ where the current restrictions will be dramatically reduced has been delayed by at least 4 weeks.

Which is a shame, though, firstly, at least we have got used to the current conditions and we’re not going backwards; secondly with the successful roll-out of vaccinations there is every prospect of a delayed ‘Freedom Day still to come; and, thirdly, thanks to a certain unjust crucifixion on a rubbish tip outside Jerusalem 2,000 or so years ago, we are all in a very special way Free!

In the meantime, alternative services will continue and I bring you the various options below.  

I have also realised that almost all of my communications sent such as this with Service options has been pastoral and aiming to be supportive but has generally not included much information apart from services.  So, aiming to overcome this shortfall, here are two pieces of update:

  1. A message from Myra Gardner:  “On behalf of Christian Aid I would like to say a big Thank You to all who contributed to the recent appeal, whether financially and/or physically.  The total raised through BUC was £1,354.99.  Of this sum, £834 represented envelope giving by members of the church and £156.20 was profit from the 'pop-up' burger stall on the forecourt of the Bridport United Church. The balance of the total was raised by delivery only envelope giving in Shipton Gorge, and the sale of plants and jam. Under the current limitations, this represents a superb achievement. Thank you.”
  2. Planning for the future once I have retired, the Church Councils and the Circuit have been exploring how my succession will be managed.  It transpires that this locality is over-endowed of its ‘fair share’ of URC Minsters so there is no prospect of my successor being from the United Reformed Church.  Therefore the option of a Methodist Minister is being explored through the Circuit.  In the meantime, once I step down from my post, your Minister with pastoral responsibility will be Rev'd John Yarrien.  In effect then there will be no absolute Ministerial Vacancy as there will be Ministerial cover provided by him, plus of course Rev'd Ruth Lownsbrough will be able to support him and add additional cover when he is not available.  I hope that is reassuring!

In the meantime the team remains as is and we will look forward to a continuing move towards ‘normality’ in worship?

Every blessing from your Minister,

Peter Clark


Sunday Service Options
  1. This week’s Live in-person 10:30am Sunday services will be led by Chris Warren at Bridport United Church and Rev'd John Yarrien making a first appearance at Uploders.
  2. This week’s Circuit Video Service available on YouTube this week will be led by the Rev'd Ruth Lownsbrough and will be available from 5pm on Saturday eveningYouTube Link
  3. The Audio Service  from the United Reformed Church this week from the Daily Devotions Team is being led by The Revd. Wayne Hawkins who is a Minister in Guildford.
  4. The Soul Space service continuing our explorations of Genesis with reflection from Jennie McGinlay: