Pastoral Letters

Dear Friend from Bridport United, Uploders Methodist or Hope & Radipole United Reformed Churches

We live in strange times when on the one hand, sometimes the day is dragging … and on the other, the Sundays seem to come around with blinding speed!

It only seems yesterday that I was printing last week’s service from Peter Jenner and here I am offering you this coming Sunday’s service, this time written by me?

As so often with the lectionary readings there are choices for the preacher and this week I got drawn to the Epistle by Paul for my focus.  As I write this, with the prospect of a slight loosening of lockdown restrictions being offered, I cannot resist referring to the set Gospel reading for this week, John 14:15:21.  

As we approach another major festival of the church, namely Pentecost, which we shall have to celebrate in a completely different and physically separate way, Jesus’ words point to that momentous moment when the very Spirit of God came spectacularly among the followers (“God will give you another Counsellor to be with you – the spirit of truth") I want to reassure you that the selfsame spirit is here now, with you all. I pray that that spirit of truth, love and reassurance will rest with you in these difficult days.

So as per usual I offer you the service options:

1)  The Circuit Video service will as usual appear on the Dorset South and West website on Saturday evening and is led this week by Local Preacher and video impresario Debs Brazier and hymns led by Heather Reed.  Simply go to and the link will be there and take you to YouTube.

2) The Audio Service from the URC Daily Devotions Team will be led by Retired minister, the Rev'd Fleur Houston.  Link here -

3)  I’ve just published the third Video Service from the new Soul Space Team, based at Bridport United Church.  It aims to be a little different, going off-Lectionary for the readings and this week’s focus, will be on what we mean by Peace, with a reflection from Jennie McGinley.  

I am aware that we are potentially viewed as ‘competition’ to the already wide offerings being supplied by the Dorset South and West Circuit team but here is the YouTube Link: