Pastoral Letters 4th July: is there an end in sight or even on site ?

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Chapel, Hope URC or Radipole URC,
I return to you having had a week of leave ‘away but at home,’ grateful that at least the lessening of lockdown enabled to at least have a few trips out from Bridport and indeed an opportunity to see my parents in the flesh for the first time since February, which was lovely.
I return to work with the prospect of churches opening for worship once again being allowed, albeit to a significant degree rather different from what we have been used to, not least because of the continuation of social distancing.  This will give us all a huge challenge as no doubt we will be so glad to see each other once again, we’ll probably be itching to hug and have a good chat over a cuppa, neither of which will be allowed!
Before that we will need to check over the premises and carry out Risk Assessments which is going to be tedious but necessary.  The good news is that the process has already been undergone in the halls in order to enable Stepping Stones (our pre-school) to meet again for the last few weeks.  Thus, we have some expertise garnered, although it will be necessary to do a fair bit of furniture-moving to make gathering possible.  Equally necessary (well I think so anyway!) will be the supply of folk to lead our worship once the church building is ready.  
As I write a communication is being sent out from the Superintendent Minister, Rev'd Gwyneth garnering the availability of preachers ready, willing and able to offer their time to contribute to any or all of the Written, Video, Zoom Service (which will continue) plus physical in-church services.  It appears that stopping services was relatively simple compared with re-starting but, rest assured we are working on it and will aim to get back to gathering as soon as is possible, and as safely as possible!  
Stay well, stay safe and I hope to see you before too long.
God bless
Rev Peter Clarke