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  •  @ B.U.C on SUNDAY: the live Morning Service is cancelled UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE due to new anti Covid lockdown regulations but we are proposing the online services detailed below. Stay well an Stay Safe

    Our ONLINE Service options this week:

    1) Sadly, we are still on Lockdown and though communal worship is permissible it is strongly discouraged and, with the safety of our membership in mind, we have agreed to conform with our denominational recommendations to suspend live worship.  There will be no live services until further notice.


    2) This week’s Video Service on YouTube is led by our Superintendent Minister, Rev'd John Yarrien

    Here’s the Link:


    3) The Audio Service  from the United Reformed Church will this week from the Daily Devotions Team will be led by Rev'd Mike Walsh, a pioneer Minister in the Manchester area.  Incidentally, you may remember that a poem went viral after the Manchester bombing called ‘This is the Place?’  Well the Tony Walsh who wrote and movingly read it is Mike’s brother.  

    Mike is a Pioneer Minister in South Manchester, with a particular focus around ministry with young adults in the sub-urban area of Chorlton. He will be leading our service with the theme 'Come and follow me'.
    Hymns include
       The Kingdom of God is Justice and Joy,
       Lord you have come to the seashore written by Spanish Priest Fr. Cesáreo Gabaráin.

       Fred Kaan's Help us accept each other, finishing with

       John Bell's Will you come and follow me?

    Here’s the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VDzzadn988cymLQ3Ve4J6Ub4Ev264tqq/view


    About us

    Our Church is called the Bridport United Church (Methodist and United Reformed).  It is a local ecumenical partnership (LEP) where Christians of more than one denomination are working together.  Services are normally held at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings with an evening service held as announced (see Notice Board).
    In more normal circumstances, at the morning service there are also facilities for youngsters, known as the Young Explorers group but because of COVID 19 constraints, these are suspended for the time being.
    The Bridport United Church is situated at the heart of the small market town of Bridport in Dorset and came into existence as an LEP (Local Ecumenical Partnership) on 10 November 1971. 

    The former Methodist church in South Street was sold to the local Arts Society and is now the Bridport Arts Centre and the Congregational church in East Street was chosen as the home for the new church partnership.

    If you want to contact us by email, then write to: bridportsec@gmail.com


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