Bridport United Church - past and present

Built in 1860 as a Congregational Church with a nominal capacity of 1,000 persons in a town of less than 12,000 people at that time, many of whom were engaged in the rope making and related industries; working and living in very difficult conditions.

In the years following school rooms and other facilities were added at the back of the church premises to help meet the educational needs of local children.Built in 1860 but modernised in 2015, our church looks forward to welcoming all.

Then in 1971, the Congregational and Presbyterians churches of England and Wales merged to become the United Reform Church, and the enthusiam for working with other local churches continued as the Bridport Methodist church is South Street joined together with Bridport URC to become Bridport United Church (BUC).

 Over the years, various degrees of modernisation and improvement for the current requirements of the Bridport United Church have taken place.

In 2015/16 a bold project commenced: to upgrade the heating, seating, available floor space plus additional audio visual facilities for the Church and its ancilliary buildings, plus the neccessary upgrades to meet current Health and Safety obligations.

This upgrade work has continued through 2017/18, taking into account the current requirements for disability access and egress, fire exits, etc.
An overhead projrector and electric drop down screen have also been added to the Main Hall to improve facilities for users and a 86" SMART screen has been added to the Sanctuary area to allow optimimum audio visual communication when needed.
The church premises are now equipped with high speed broadband to facilitate new media opportunities.

 We work together enthusiastically with other local churches to fly a common flag for the Good News of Jesus Christ which is still the key ingredient of our present day church community life and events, including:

The Christmas Tree Festival in the church, plus dramatic tableaux at Christmas, Easter and Pentecost in Bucky Doo Square, all weather and animal 'actors' permitting.
Versatility is key to local church tableau events and sometimes a llama or an alpaca will be substituted for the essential Christmas donkey, unless the latter decides that they DO NOT want to co-operate.

The sight of our Minister in full eastern dress trying to lead an uninterested Alpaca across a pedestrian crossing in West Street Bridport was worthy of anyone's social media page.

Diversity and ingenuity to manage 'life' is as essential for us in and out of church life, just as it may be for you 

So if you want to find out more about us, or just look around the building then contact us, or come to one of our services, whatever, you will be welcome. To contact us by email: